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 Laser engraving is a fast growing trend. We found that the personalization aspect of laser engraving has become a great tool for companies looking to market by using promotional items. 

Specializing in:  Acrylic,  Wood,  Glass,  Crystal, Metal, Brass, Anodized Aluminum,
Commercial Stainless Steel, Military Recognition Awards, Trophies, Plaques,
 Medals and Much, Much More...
Specialized Die-Cutting, Laser Parts Marking,
Serialized Electrical Plates, Stencils and Templates
Part Marking – Barcodes, Part Numbers & ID Tags have become a large part of our business. As a sign and marking experts this allowed us to understand part marking needs in current industries. 

Signs & CAD Creative Studio encourage creativity and new ideas. We look forward to any new custom requests and will work with you on design and concept of any idea you may have. We truly believe there is no limit to the imagination and look forward to helping you with your next laser engraving idea.

We will take your design or CAD file and laser cut it out of your material of choice. Depending on the material and thickness, parts can be cut to within thousandths of an inch accuracy.

Prototyping prior to production is an ideal application for laser cutting.
Dimensional and geometric changes can be made and new parts cut with minimal effort and expense.

Check first with us to verify the material to be cut or engrave. 
 Be reminded thie list below is only a guide and is in no way a guarantee of suitability for your application.

The nature of material, complexity, and thickness of your components
can change the process of production.
Please tell us your requirements ...
Laser Engraving & cutting is currently used on a wide range of materials. See below table:

NAME                                   ENGRAVE                                          CUT
Wood                                        x                                                       x
Acrylic                                      x                                                       x
Fabric                                       x                                                       x     
Glass                                        x 
Coated Metals                           x 
Ceramic                                    x 
Delrin                                        x                                                     x
Cloth                                         x                                                     x
Leather                                     x                                                      x
Marble                                      x 
Matte Board                              x                                                     x
Melamine                                  x                                                     x
Paper                                        x                                                     x
Mylar                                         x                                                    x
Pressboard                                x                                                     x
Rubber                                       x                                                    x
Wood Veneer                              x                                                    x
Fiberglass                                  x                                                     x
Painted Metals                           x 
Tile                                            x
Plastic                                       x                                                    x
Cork                                          x                                                    x
Corian                                        x                                                   x
Anodized Aluminum                    x 
Ceramics                                   x 
Stainless Steel                           * 
Brass                                         * 
Titanium                                     * 
Bare Metals                                *

*CO2 lasers will mark bare metals when coated with a metal marking solution
Laser Marking on Gunsstocks
Our laser systems make it easy for you to etch a checkered pattern to create a desired look. Adding addition texture to the gun stock creates both personal style and improves handling grip on the firearm.

This could be an excellent gift idea for shooting enthusiasts – marking with logos, text, photos, and other graphics alongside your pattern of choice, over your firearm.

It is really simple to design and create – we make everything extremely simple – we can either work with your existing design, or help create a new one from scratch. All you need to do it supply the gun stock.

Here are some of gun stock etching ideas:

Nature themes – leaves, mountains, pine trees
Animal themes – moose, elk, deer, duck, pheasant, quail, kangaroo, rabbit, etc
Text or graphics – Initials, family crest or heraldic frame, quotes
Pattern – you can find many patterns online, or we can supply a variety of patterns

Please contact us for pricing..
Count on Signs & CAD Creative Studio to make your stencils. We can make any kind of stencil and turnaround time is fast - ships in just a day or two. Using stencils can save you lots of money compared to other options.

Stencils are great for many applications such as painting messages on your building, vehicle, parking lot,  wall or any where else you need to. Simply create your own stencil with our easy to follow system. Start with selecting the type of stencil you want and customize from there. We make stencils as small as 1 x 1 with 1/4" characters all the way up to an 18" x 32" large custom stencil.

These are just a few Stencil Ideas: 

· Alphabet Stencils· Arrow Stencils· Handicap Stencils· Highway Stencils· Letter Stencils· Number Stencils· Parking Lot Stencils· Holiday Stencils· Pool Stencils· Recreational Park Guide Stencils · Safety Stencils · Shape Stencils - · Shipping Stencils· Signs & Marking Stencils· Decorative Stencils - and of course your hobbies and home decorating ideas.

Want something custom with an image? We can make any stencil you want! Just select small, medium or  large below and send us what you want on your custom stencil.
Stencils and lettering systems for many industries and hobbies.
Laser services. Engraving. Award creations
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